Support from businesses

If you are a business there are many ways to help.

Many companies today are choosing to get involved as a contribution to their Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. You can deliver this in a number of ways, ie: by using the skills you have within your organisation for additional activities such as charitable donations or by introducing staff volunteering projects.

  • Your company could help with the work we do to develop our artists. Perhaps you or your staff have relevant skills that can directly add to the support given to them in the project.
  • Your company could sponsor one of our young artists to achieve the first step toward their goal. Keep involved with news of their progress. This can become a story for your own company news and social media

In return, your help can be very rewarding. It can help you and your employees by improving staff engagement and improve morale. Your staff can feel proud to be working for an employer that is playing its part in the community. We have an end of project event - this can be company event too inviting staff and clients ... and when you see the goals achieved by the young person sponsored, it truly is rewarding.

How can my company become involved? It’s easy! Just click on the contact us page and fill in your details or email us at: