In an economic climate with major cutbacks, charities are feeling the impact by losing chunks of their budgets. We would like to help some of these important charities to get the recognition and help that they deserve.

By joining the Sing It Forward movement you can help raise more awareness for them. Sing It Forward combines charity fundraising with YOUR development. 

As an aspiring artist you will be given a brief; to choose a valuable local Charity that is close to your heart. You will work alongside industry-standard professionals to write, record, practice and perform an original song to spread awareness and raise funds for your chosen Charity.

This process will help YOU to raise your self-esteem by learning the art of giving and sharing and the skills learnt through charity fundraising –

And give you a real taste of working within the music, media and entertainment professions.

The process will be filmed and documented on social media and you will work with the filmmaker to produce a music video that will be given to the Charity for their promotional use.

As part of helping to raise awareness of your chosen charity you will:

●     Research the charity

●     Communicate with the charity

●     Create a song to represent the work of the charity

●     Participate in any fundraising activities where appropriate


There will be a series of performance opportunities for you to showcase your talents whilst spreading the word about your represented charity.

●     Local stage performances

●     Radio performances

●     School and youth club performances

●     Gala fundraising events

●     Screening of documentary and music videos at local venues

The process will help to empower you and develop you in the following areas:

●     Researching skills

●     Public Speaking

●     Singing and performing

●     Communication skills

●     Song writing

●     Choreography

●     Music production

●     Videography

●     Graphic design

●     Fashion/Styling

●     Hair/Make-up

     Radio Presenting